A journey towards bigger goals.

I always wanted to create a team capable of pushing the limits, in a search to do things better.

At RDCL we consistently inspire our people, driving them to improve and successfully disrupt the way the game is played. We have assembled a world-class team of geologists, geophysicists and geotechnical engineers, with a view to being the best in the business when it comes to in-situ ground testing

Our logo captures our roots and our spirit of adventure.

Te Mata o Rongokako is our mountain, the peak that dominates our home office in Heretaunga, Hawke's Bay. Rongokako inspires us, the giant with strides that carried him from his home and across Aotearoa, in a spirit of searching, fearlessness and daring.


A future together

Whānau, family, malasakit, care; these concepts capture our company ethos, how we think about our people and clients. When you join with us, we un-dertake to work together to realise our common goals, and we want every-body who engages with us, to come out better as a result.


It’s been a privilege to have worked with so many great people on our journey so far.  We thank you all for everything to date and look forward to a great future together.