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Water Well Scanning – or Large Hole Scanning


Much of New Zealand’s well infrastructure is old and in need of regular maintenance. Records for historic wells can be poor and well operators may not know the depth of their wells – in particular the well screens and the condition of water extraction from aquifers.

What & How

RDCL offers a broad range of wireline tools to deliver maintenance assessments and highly detailed 3D logs of wells, which allows effective Asset Management year to year.

Weld breaks, leaks, mineral accretion, corrosion and apparent metal loss are outputs capable from the Optical and acoustic well scanning (Televiewers).

Water ingress from identified breaks/leaks during well scanning can be assessed using our Fluid Temperature Conductivity (FTC) probe. The probe passes a known target depth and spikes in data logs can infer changes to water. The FTC tool can also show spikes in flow changes within screens or across multiple screens giving assessments on screen functionality.

RDCL’s Gamma logging across well screens can also show levels of clay build up within a well screen, which often reduce productivity of a bore.

Repeat scanning of water wells will show any deterioration over time and may be used to estimate remaining lifespan of a well. The datasets are digital and can be fed into lifecycle Inspection Maintenance & Repair (IMR) programmes.


Wireline Geophysics: Televiewers, Density, FWS, 360 Camera, FTC Tool. Other tools available on request.

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