New Zealand bore water testing and mapping: we need to rise our game

As the growing demand for water drives increased scrutiny from regulators, precision techniques and detailed consenting processes are required to ensure this resource is better managed.

RDCL provide downhole geophysical testing, with acoustic and optical televiewers for water bore assessment and testing for both councils and private owners. By establishing baseline assessments of bore integrity (above and below ground) councils can ensure safe potable water will continue to be available.

RDCL also supply consultancy services for water catchment operations, such as farm irrigation dams. RDCL have many clients in Hawke's Bay who are establishing water sources to ensure supply is maintained, for the natural environment and for commercial operations.


Unlike many other countries, New Zealand has ready access to water. The key is better management - storing water in winter for use in the summer, and better quality control through investment in infrastructure and maintenance.