Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) offers a fast, repeatable and digital methods to understand ground conditions and perform quick analysis of data for foundations and ground development. 

Cone Penetration Testing also known as Cone Penetrometer Testing  (CPT) is a method of measuring the geotechnical engineering properties of soils, in particular, soft ground. It is the ideal test for rapid assessment of large areas or corridors, well suited to numerical analyses for foundation work and liquefaction assessments. RDCL operates three ready-to-go, mobile machines for fast CPT testing, even in remote areas and adverse conditions.

Seismic CPT (SCPT) for Vs and Vp measurement with conventional CPT probing using a tria-axial geophone is available.

Where CPT is not possible due to gravels, access, or underground services, we use a non-destructive technique, Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), to screen for liquefaction hazards.


New Zealand based (2 rigs):

  • Geoprobe 54 series,
    • 89kN down force
    • 120kN retraction
    • Compact footprint for tight access
    • Sub-horizontal push to 20 degrees off horizontal

Download (pdf) rig specifications:

e-54lt-0 specification

  • Geoprobe 6600 series
    • 160kN down force
    • 180kN retraction
    • Skid steer mounted
  • Geotech AB Cones (Nova system, cordless)
  • Geotech AB Sesimic Cone with tri-axial geophone

Philippine based:

  • Geomill Fox 200
    • 200kN downforce
    • 260kN retraction
    • trailer mounted for ease of movement
    • detachable for near-shore work
  • Geomill cones
    • 10MPa (x 2)
    • 100MPa (x2)

Download (pdf) rig specifications:

FOX-200-TR specification