Protect your people and comply to code

All buildings have to meet the current safety code set by the government. RDCL uses Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) to aid structural engineers in the assessment of building safety and safe building design.

  • Get expert advice and recommendations for preventative maintenance.
  • Mitigate risk to people in the event of an earthquake.
  • Ensure continued compliance with the your Building Act.

We’ll provide you with the answers when it’s too important to guess.

Heinz-Watties Administration Building - Seismic Strengthening

Heinz-Watties Australasian Operations.
New Zealand

Heinz-Watties is a large Australasian operation with a primary processing plant situated in Hawke’s Bay. Seismic strengthening is required of the adiminstration building. Detailed engineering evaluation revealed foundation need strengthening.

  • Design governed by uplift forces
  • Screw-pile design adopted to allow operational continuity of the facility through-out the upgrade.
  • CPT based design approach to AS2159:2009 using the LCPC design methodology.
  • Site-specific seismic ground-motion response.
  • Installation supervision.
  • Static load tests


Flaxmere Aquatic Centre

Hastings District Council
New Zealand

Raked screw pile installation for lateral seismic bracing.

  • SPT based design approach to AS2159:2009.  External investigation by borehole SPT method.
  • Pile depth at 13.5m bgl
  • Pile raked at 23˚
  • 365 kN Uplift force
  • Static load test


Hawkes Bay Showgrounds Grandstand Seismic Assessment

HB A&P Society
New Zealand

RDCL worked closely in collaboration with the client, and clients engineer to assess the ground conditions for seismic strengthening.

The geotechnical investigation  was completed for a significant structure, site investigations consisted of;

  • hand held investigations;
  • CPT testings across the site; and
  • borehole investigations due to gravel present.

A geotechnical  report was completed to confirm ground conditions and appropriate recommendations for the site.

Completed 2013.

Large Commercial Building - Wellington

Arrow International
New Zealand

This investigation had significant benefits, for both the building owner who saved significant costs associated with seismic strengthening, and the client that won the tender to complete the associated work.

Investigations completed at the site confirmed the building site soil classification (NZS1170).

Tested completed by RDCL was a MASW (active & passive) survey.

Geotechnical assessment for engineering investigation of building code compliance in Wellington.

Completed 2013.

Pourere Beach Landslide Remediation

New Zealand

RDCL worked closely with the affected residents in the community and EQC to assess a large landslide and plan mitigation measures.

Heavy rain events in 2012 mobilised a large landslide that affected slopes all over the Hawkes bay area, RDCL worked with EQC and the local council on various areas affected.

This project required various investigations and monitoring of the landslide, then a global approach that could work with the affected parties of the community in Pourere.

Completed 2012.