Know the risks and protect your assets

RDCL's fast and non-intrusive ground testing for existing structures and assets will help you understand potential risks from natural disasters such as earthquakes, liquefaction and landslides.

  • Site specific seismic assessments provide you with intelligent earthquake evaluation.
  • Get expert advice and recommendations for preventative maintenance.
  • Pay the right insurance. Correct ground assessment can alter annual premiums by as much as six figures.
  • Help to ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster

Hydropower Dam Investigation - Seismic Refraction Survey

SN Aboitiz Power group

Our client was developing  a new hydropower dam in Northern Luzon. During the preliminary design phase, three project critical sites were identified which required further investigation of ground conditions.

RDCL planned and executed a Seismic Refraction Tomography (SRT) survey to assess subsurface variability at each of the sites.  22 survey lines over steep terrain were completed, processed and integrated with LiDAR data which allowed the client to advance their project with confidence.


Downhole Geophysicial Logging NZ Roading Projects

New Zealand

NZTA and its partners have developed large scale roading projects across the North Island of New Zealand since 2012. RDCL’s geophysics team have supported the downhole testing investigations with both Optical Televiewer (OTV),  Acoustic Televiewer (ATV), and other geophysical downhole tools: 

The scope of work included;

  • Management, planning and logistics that form part of working on large projects with various parties (consultants, drillers, land owners) and some helicopter access;
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of tools / personnel to remote / hard to access sites;
  • Establishment of equipment at boreholes on multiple sites;
  • Logging multiple boreholes;  
  • Processing of data, provision of factual data reports.
  • Seismic CPT (SCPT) testing;
  • Seismic downhole borehole testing; 
  • Surface based seismic testing completed with MASW:
  • SCPT and seismic downhole testing;
  • Processed seismic data with picked P-wave and S-wave arrival times and associated interval velocities;  MASW,
  • Processing shear wave velocities over depth.

Heinz-Watties Administration Building - Seismic Strengthening

Heinz-Watties Australasian Operations.
New Zealand

Heinz-Watties is a large Australasian operation with a primary processing plant situated in Hawke’s Bay. Seismic strengthening is required of the adiminstration building. Detailed engineering evaluation revealed foundation need strengthening.

  • Design governed by uplift forces
  • Screw-pile design adopted to allow operational continuity of the facility through-out the upgrade.
  • CPT based design approach to AS2159:2009 using the LCPC design methodology.
  • Site-specific seismic ground-motion response.
  • Installation supervision.
  • Static load tests


Kaiti Monopole Cellphone Tower

Lattey Civil & Precast Ltd
New Zealand

Screw-pile monopole design for cellphone communications tower. Low redundancy approach with overturning moments from wind and earthquake loads.

  • Pile depth at 15.0m bgl
  • SPT based design approach to AS2159:2009. External investigation by borehole SPT method.
  • Very soft ground, N-values = 0-2.
  • Low redundancy system.
  • Static load test

Complete 2012


Flaxmere Aquatic Centre

Hastings District Council
New Zealand

Raked screw pile installation for lateral seismic bracing.

  • SPT based design approach to AS2159:2009.  External investigation by borehole SPT method.
  • Pile depth at 13.5m bgl
  • Pile raked at 23˚
  • 365 kN Uplift force
  • Static load test